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Wolfurt / Austria

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis visible from Austria

Aurora Borealis above the Pfänder mountain

At last. After many fruitless attempts I have seen an Aurora Borealis (Northern Light) in Austria.
During this solar maximum relatively many auroras were strong enough to be seen in central Europe. But either I was asleep, didn´t knew about it, was looking tv or the weather was bad.
Today I was lucky. I went out to see if something is visible, but the cloud cover was nearly complete. After a glass of red (!) wine and watching a BBC documentary about the planets I stepped out again to have another look. The sky was now completely clear and in the north - there it was. I rushed inside to grab some cameras and put up the tripod in a field. The first two shots turned out the best (one of which you can see here) Afterwards the clouds came back and the activity subsided.

Compare this digital image to a 35mm film image of the same event:

Since the geomagnetic pole is shifted towards Canada. Auroras are not as common in Europe as in Canada and the US.

My geographic latitude is about 47°, but the geomagnetic latitude is only 41°

Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera
8sec, 320 ASA
Subtraction of dark frame, Contrast enhanced.

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