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 The Constellation Orion

This image is a modification of my image of the constellation Orion. The red channel was inverted and the Photoshop function Equalize was applied.


The Constellation Orion

© Philipp Salzgeber

Film: Kodak Royal Gold 400
Telescope/Lens: Nikon AF 85mm f/1,8
Exposure: 10 min at f/2,8
Date: 29 March 1997
Digital Enhancement: Removing Vignetting and Unsharp Masking, inverting and equalizing of the red channel.

Comments: The Constellation Orion is home to the famous Orion nebula, located in the lower middle of the picture. In this image the faint glowing Hydrogen clouds spanning the whole constellation are visivle. The diffuse semi-circle is named Barnards Loop.

All images Copyright © 1998 Philipp Salzgeber, unless otherwise noticed. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction is authorized unless accompanied by a written agreement of the Author.


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