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"Maisäß" cottage pricing

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Cottage availability

Base price for two persons per day
Spring, Summer
Fall 2016 and 2017
Winter 2016/2017
70 € for 2 persons per day 86 € for 2 persons per day
12 € for each additional person 15 € for each additional person
Special price of 10 Euro th 9th and 10th person

The wood for the tiled stove is included in the prices of the Maisäß cottage.

*) In the summer, if the weather is consistently bad, during the times of -40% you can cancel your reservation without further cost.

If the booking is less than 8 days before your arrival, you will receive 30% discount on all bookings.
Short duration stays:
For bookings shorter than four nights we add a surcharge of 30%.
electricity: 0,30 €/kWh
Sauna 3,00 € per person
cleaning: 36,00 € for two persons
5,00 € each additional person
  6,00 € per person per bedding
1,00 € per towel

You can bring your own bedclothes and towels, sleeping bags are not allowed.
Child discount:

Children up to 2 years cost € 7;
up to 6 years we charge € 9.

we provide:
Cots + highchairs,
Sandbox with toys,
Toboggan with children back,
snow sliders,
toy snow shovels,

A swing at the Gauertal apartment.

Base price for two persons per day
  Summer 2017 23.04.-30.11.2017
- 40%*) 23.04.-20.05.2017 28.05.-02.06.2017 14.10.-30.11.2017
-20% 20.05.-28.05.2017 16.09.-14.10.2017
-10% 02.06.-24.06.2016 09.09.-16.09.2017
+10% 15.07.-26.08.2017
  Winter 2016/2017
-50% 02.12.-10.12.2016, 18.04.-01.05.2017
-25% 10.12.-17.12.2016
-15% 08.01.-21.01.2017
-10% 25.03.-01.04.2017
+10% 17.12.-23.12.2016, 28.01.-24.02.2017 and 04.03.-18.03.2017
+25% 23.12.-26.12.2016, 08.01.-15.01.2017 and 08.04.-18.04.2017
+45% 26.12.-08.01.2017 and 24.02.-04.03.2017

An open word on the Discounts up to -50%

In our price lists (apartments, Montafon House and Maisäß cottage) you will find discounts from -10% up to -50%.
Wir finden, dass die landschaftlichen Reize gerade im Frühjahr and im Herbst am größten sind and empfehlen Ihnen, diese Naturerlebnisse mitzuerleben:
We think that the alpine landscape is the most beautiful especially during spring and autumn, and ecnourage you to experience this firsthand.

In Spring In autumn
  • blossoming alpine meadows
  • at 1000m we make hay until late June
  • rich, different shades of green
  • flowering trees, clear air ...
  • ideal hiking temperatures...
  • great fall colors of the forests
  • colorful alpine shrubs and meadows
  • clear air, great mountain vistas
  • ideal hiking temperatures ...
?? Why discounts ??
By early June, the mountain huts and lifts are still mostly closed, as in high mountains there is still too much snow for hiking. Many restaurants and cafes are closed. In early October many lifts close for the annual maintenance before the winter season. The mountain huts are closing down for winter, many restaurants and cafes are already closed.



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