Winter favourites: Rosette and Orion nebula

The Orion Nebula M42 is one of the brightest emission nebulae in the sky. In this area relatively young stars heat up the surrounding gas and dust and make it glow. Total exposure time of 1h and 18m. Apparently the camera was a bit tilted, resulting in very ugly stars in the upper portion of the image, but I still like the detail in the nebula.

The Roesette Nebula is a large HII area, where the bright young stars of the open cluster 2244 excite the hydrogen gas to glow in its typical red color. In past different NGC designations had been given to parts of the nebula: NGC2237, NGC2238, NGC2239, NGC2246. Due to clouds I could only use 17 out of 70 120s exposures resulting in a total exposure time of only 34 minutes.

Both images: Astro-Physics 127mm f/8, 0,75x reducer, Nikon D750a, Optolong L-enhance filter, Meade LXD-650 mount