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Some comments from users of the QuickDisc....

Ich bin gerade über Deine QuickDisk gestolpert - Tolle Idee. Ich habe 3 Jahre lang Grossformattechnik an einer Fachhochschule gelehrt, wäre ich doch bloss mal d'rauf gekommen.....

vielen Dank Soenne

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for your note about Quickdisc. It looks like a great idea! I will try to put a link to your well done page on my site (if I can ever find some time to work on my site!...). Thanks again, Jay Bender

I think your device is very interesting. Probalby we will publish a review in our magazine. If finally we do so I will send you a copy.

Best regards, Alfonso del Barrio

Well, given that 'just adding 2 stops' is egregiously wrong, and that somebody here can't seem to remember the formula, I can think of at least one person who for sure should be using the disk. 

It is a neat idea. Available for the asking. Usefull and accurate.I am getting out my scissors and paste and am going to make a couple for the gadget bag and the studio. Many thanks to the inventor. 

Nick Lindan

Thanks for posting this brilliant little device! 

Good thinking! 

Charles Field

I was impressed by your "Quick Disk", and how easy it is to use in calculating the correct exposure for large magnifications... 

Thank You, 

Gerald Gazda

I am fairly new to large format photography. I downloaded your QuickDisc and tried it this weekend and found it a nice ad useful aid. The disc not only made it simple to adjust for bellows extension, but seeing the 'measure' and how it was used made it clear to me what the problem is. 

Thanks,  Richard Rankin


What a cool thing! Thanks for making it available like this on the web.
Keep it up and thanks again.

Dana Ross

I love your quick disc. I have seen a commercial version in a catalog. Though I believe your disc is a better design, the otheris square.
Thank you for allowing others to download your design.

Joe Ehrhart

First of all, I have to say Thank You for your Quick Disk. It seems great, and now as I finished my 6x9 camera, what I made, I used your Quick Disk to calibrate the belows compensation rail strip. Just for sure, I will keep the original tool in my gadget bag too.

Hegedüs György

I'm just now entering LF photography. I've printed several copies of Quick Disc to take to my beginner's practice session tonight so we can all play with it. Very simple and elegant, I must say. Vielen Dank!!!

Eric Pederson

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