How to take images of lightning


The subject

Lightning occur during thunderstorms – apart from the dangers of a  hunderstorm (floods, hail, storm, breaking branches, falling trees) lightning itself is dangerous, and potentially deadly. So don’t go outside when lightning is near. If 3 seconds pass between lightning and the accompanying thunder-clap the lightning was only 1000m away! More information on lightning can be found here: Read More

A Moon Halo

A 22° Halo like this is visible when thin cirrus clouds made of ice cover the sky and the ice-crystals in the clouds are oriented properly.
To the lower left of the Halo you can see the constellation Orion.

Camera Nikon D200
Lens Tokina 12-24 /4 at 12mm
Exposure 15sec. at f/4 ISO 360
Date: 21 February 2010