Yesterday evening a cold front produced some sever thunderstorms across central Europe, lightning was flashing contiuously for a few hours, here are the best images I was able to take:

Mercury and Venus conjunction, Iridescent Clouds

On January 10th 2015 bright iridescent clouds were visible the whole day. At sunset the colors became even more intense and many people became about this rare atmospheric phenomena. Neighbours asked what those colors in the sky actually were.

At sunset I was able to take some images of the nice Venus and Mercury conjunction.

All cloud images are straight out of camera (SOOC) with no color, brightness or contrast changes. The conjunction images were slightly processed in Adobe lightroom to make the planets stand out more prominent.

Colorful Moondogs

When I went outside this evening to check if the sky is clear enough to do some meteor photography of the Perseid meteor shower I noticed that the moon was accompanied by two colorful moondogs (parhelia). Bits of the 22° Halo are also visible.