Cygnus is awash in glowing hydrogen clouds. 10x30s, ISO 3200, f/3.5, Canon EOS 60Da, Samyang 85mm f/1.4

Backpacking Astrophotography

Yesterday afternoon I decided to do some simple astrophotography high up in the mountains. I chose the Cavalljoch as the view to the south is unobstructed. My backpack was way too heavy, but somehow I managed to trek from Schattenlagant to the Cavalljoch. The night was the darkest night I ever experienced. M13 was clearly visible with indirect vision with the unaided eye. Read More


Yesterday evening a cold front produced some sever thunderstorms across central Europe, lightning was flashing contiuously for a few hours, here are the best images I was able to take:

Active Region 2339

Today the sunspot called AR2339 featured prominently on the sun’s disk:

IMG_7838_1600px IMG_7838_1600px-2

the images are single exposures using a Canon EOS 60Da, and a 127mm f/8 apochromatic refractor, using Baader Solar Film ND3.8 ISO100, 1/8000s