Lunar Images by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

 110mm Schiefspiegler and QHY5 (ALCCD5)
These pictures were taken with Guntram Lampert's 110mm Schiefspiegler on his rooftop terrace.
As this telescope has a dobsonian mount without tracking I was only able to take about 50 pictures while the
lunar featur we wanted to photograph was passing through the field of view.

The crater Clavius shows his stuff in this quite detailed image. Notice the irregularities in the crater floor near the crater
Russell which sits on Clavius' rim.

This image was stacked using Avistack, sharpened in Giotto and Photoshop

Mighty Kopernikus with his ejecta blanked and secondary crater chains. To the upper left
the "ghost" crater Stadius can be seen.

This is the telescope the images have been taken with.

All images © Philipp Salzgeber

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