Lunar Images by Philipp Salzgeber




Wolfurt / Austria

  Astrophotography by Philipp Salzgeber

Today I took the first lunar images using my 80mm ED refractor, this is a 100% crop from an image I shot with my Nikon D200:

It seems secondary color is not a big issue with this scope, to the image above I only applied sharpening and some levels adjustment.

This image shows the whole frame the shot above was cropped from:

This is a closeup of the area around the Ariadaeus Rille, this was done using a QHY5 guidecam, which is also capable of taking shots of solar system objects.

Later this evening I got a call from Guntram, if I would like to join the first-light "party" of another VAA members new C-11, even though I was tired, my answer was yes! As you can see, the C-11 shows quite a bit more detail around the Ariadaeus Rille. This shot was taken with a DMK21 monochrome camera at the nominal focal lenght of the C-11.

When you move the mouse over the image below you can see a comparison between the C-11 with the DMK camera and the ED80 with the QHY5 camera.





All images © Philipp Salzgeber

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