Trying to catch ISON, got Lovejoy instead


On November 17th I decided at 1:00 to try to take some pictures of comet ISON before it’s rendezvous with the sun.

To get above the fog in the Rhine valley I drove up a still-open (normally closed in winter) mountain pass.

I arrived early at the Furkajoch (a mountain pass in Vorarlberg), so I had the chance to take some pictures of the alpine landscape and of comet Lovejoy.

The full moon and a thin layer of high cirrus cloud made the process of locating and imaging the comet difficult.
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Daylight Comet: C/2006 P1 McNaught

Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught

On Saturday, January 13th I noticed that the sky was very transparent and thought it might be worth taking an image of the comet in broad daylight.I was excited when I was able to to see the comet with small binoculars and then also with the naked eye at noon. (My wife saw it first without optical aid.)A bunch of neighbours and some other persons walking by did also see it with the 80mm refractor, some small binoculars and with the naked eye.

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