It looks as if 2013 will be a good year for comets. This spring Comet Panstarrs is visible in the darkening sky after Sunset and in December comet ISON should put up an even more impressive show.

Sadly cloudy, wintery weather prevailed so far, and I was only able to take a quick peek at comet Panstarrs last friday. I had to sneak out of my own birhday party to have a look and take some quick pictures.

Pictures from March 21st:

 DSC_1206_1000px 20130321_dss_panstarrs_set_1_2_3_4 Bild mit den eingebetteten Einstellungen speichern. DSC08270_1000px DSC08266_1000px DSC08245_1000px

Pictures from March 19th:

DSC_0959_1000px.jpg DSC08217_1000px.jpg DSC08224_1000px.jpg DSC08219_1000px.jpg

Pictures from March 15th:

DSC_0801_1000px.jpg DSC_0801_1000px-2.jpg

The right picture is a detail of the picture at left.

Lens: Nikon AF-Nikkor 180mm f/2.8
Camera: Nikon D7000
Exposure: 0,4s f/4 @ ISO 1600

Processing: Adobe Lightroom
Date: 15th March 2013