Creating Double Page JPEG images from PDF

While in the process of making a photobook in Lightroom I wanted to review the book before actually ordering it. For this I wanted to have the pages in JPEG format instead of one big PDF.

It turns out that with ghostscript one can easily extract the images.

I am using cygwin on a Windows 7 64 Bit operating system to work with ImageMagick, Ghostview and the like.

But before I was able to use ghostscript I had to fix this error I was getting about the font Arial.ttf not being found, after some research I found that creating the missing directories and adding a link to the font in the Windows directory fixes that issue:

Then I used ghostview to convert the PDF pages to individual JPEG files in a directory called jpgs:

I also did that for the cover PDF, then opened the image in Photoshop and created two additional images from the front and back cover and named them usa_1991_000.jpg and usa_1991_109.jpg to be able to combine them with the single first and last pages of the book.

The shell script below was used to combine each two JPEG images into a single file:

Here are some examples of the finished double-spread images in reduced size: