Testing a new guiding setup

This evening I did a quick test under the stars to see, how iAstroHub 3.0 works with my setup.

Apparently it works quite well, though I need to test with longer exposures.

M81, M82, Astro-Physics 127mm f/8, Nikon D750 ISO 1600, 20×1 Min.Polar alignment was done with the Kochab method, I skipped on exact focusing using a Bahtinov mask, and just eyeballed the best focus position on the LCD screen of the camera – resulting in less than perfect focus. I also didn’t bother with flat frames, as I was primarily interested in the guiding performance.

As some clouds threatened to come in I kept the exposure short, to just 20 minutes with 1 minute individual exposure. Some frames had to be discarded, because of my walking around on the flat roof, which results in unsharp images due to the vibrations.

The Raspberri Pi was taped to the telescope tube using duct tape…