From the Horsehead to the Orion Nebula

Orion, Horsehead to M42, 178x60s, Takahashi FS-60CB, Nikon Z6, 35nm h-alpha Filter

To be able to use a wide field with nebulosity in the constellation Orion I used the unmodified Nikon Z6 in combination with a 35nm h-alpha filter to be able to show the faint hydrogen clouds which are visible here.

The image shows the flame nebula NGC2024, the dark nebula B33 also known as the horsehead nebula silhouetted against the emission nebula IC434 and of course the great Orion nebula to the upper left, most prominently M42.

With an unmodified camera, even 3 hours of exposure is not enough, to get rid of the noise in the dark areas of the image when shooting h-alpha.