International Space Station


animation of the sharpest frames, sharpened using wavelets in Registax, upscaled by 150%
stack of 8 exposures, drizzled 1.5x, sharpened in RegiStax using Wavelets.
Animation of 137 individual frames, 200mm reflector, Nikon Z6, TC20EIII teleconverter, 1/2000s, ISO3200, f/10

Appears: 20h10m02s 4.1mag az: 292.8° WNW horizon
Culmination 20h15m30s -3.8mag az: 19.0° NNE h:62.9°
distance: 471.9km height above Earth: 423.9km
Disappears 20h19m29s -1.5mag az:102.9° ESE h:6.5°


ISS 2018-09-24
Nikon D750, TC-20EIII, 127mm f/8 refractor, ISO12800, 1/1250s