Lunar Portrait and closeups

The alpine valley with the rille along it’s length.

Yesterday I took out the 200mm reflector in a very cold wind to take some close-up images of the moon. I am quite happy to have captured the rille in the alpine valley quite distinctly.

The lunar Appenines with Rima Hadley.
Hyginus crater with Rima Hyginus, Rimae Triesnecker and Ariadaeus Rille

The Hyginus region is an old-time favourite of mine. Additionally other rilles can be seen to the right and to the bottom. 

Alphonsus, Ptolemaeus and Arzachel, a nice trio of lunar craters.

In this image of Ptolemaeus I like the fact that the very shallow crater Ptolemaeus stands out pretty clearly.

Half-Moon, Nikon D750, 2x teleconverter, 127mm refractor