Clavius, Vallis Alpes, etc.. and Venus!

Today I pointed the 20cm Newtonian telescope again towards the moon. Shortly after first quarter quite a few nice landscapes are visible.

All images were captured as 120s AVI files using a 3x Barlow lens and the QHY5IIc camera.

Crater Clavius

annotated version

Rima Hyginus is actually a lava cave with a broken roof, also visible are the Triesnecker Rilles and the Rima Ariadaeus.

Lots of secondary craters surround Copernicus.


The Hadley Rille became famous as the landing spot for Apollo 15.

The Rille in the floor of the Alpine Valley is partly visible in this image.

Alphonsus shows distinct dark spots which are of volcanic origin, to the upper left, the Davy Crater Chain (Cateny Davy) is visible.

The straight wall (Rupes Recta) is actually a slope which looks very dramatic under low lighting.

And finally I had a quick look at Venus: