The 12 day old moon

Aristarchus is the very bright crater near the center of above image. You can see the winding Schröter Valley next to it.
Around the valley is a slightly brown colored area, called the Aristarchus Plateau.

At the center of this image you can see a crater that seems to be filled to the rim, it is called Wargentin,
and is one of the better-known landmarks on the moon. To the upper left you can see the strongly elongated crater Schiller,
which was created by a very oblique impact.

Next to the Aristarchus region are the Maius hills, which are slightly visible in the image above,
each of the small hills is acutally a shield volcano.
To the upper left of the Hills is the mysterious bright patch called Reiner Gamma.

All images on this page taken with a hand-held Fuji F-31fd through a 150mm Newtonian telescope using a 6mm LV eyepiece.

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