M81, M82 and Jupiter


At first I had to wait for about two hours until the floodlights on the adjacent soccer field were turned off, then I had trouble locating the galaxies as the 6×30 finder is not really adequate in a light polluted sky, then came problems with the connection from BackyardNikon to the camera, and when everything was set up correctly, the guiding was not working properly, resulting in trailed images… so quite a lot of effort went into this picture, but of course a lot has been learned.


Bild mit den eingebetteten Einstellungen speichern.M82 and M81, 127mm f/8 refractor, Nikon D7000, 46x30s, unguided.

Before heading back inside I couldn’t resist and took a few AVI sequences of Jupiter. Focusing was very difficult with the wobbly mount and the frost covered display of the laptop.


QHY5 CCD camera, 100 frames of 200 stacked in Autostakkert.