The Great Conjunction

This december Jupiter and Saturns position in the sky are very close. This is a very rare event. I hiked above the fog to capture it before clouds rolled in for the next few days.

Wide angle image showing the fog covered Rhine Valley in Vorarlberg, the moon to the left and right above the clouds to the right Jupier and the much fainter Saturn.
Close up with 70mm focal length. The fog is illuminated from below by the city lights.
With 600mm focal length Jupiter and Saturn can be seen, Saturn is elongated due to its rings.
A longer exposure shows three of Jupiters moons to the left of the giant gas planet.

December 27th

Yesterday was the first clear evening since Dec. 19th, and while the planets Jupiter and #Saturn are getting farther away from each other in the sky, with the Nikon D750 and a 2x teleconverter I still got them in one image.

This is a combination of multiple RAW images, with brightness adjustments to make Saturn a bight brighter.
The AP refractor with the Nikon D750 and a 2x teleconverter pointing toward the pair of planets