Sunspot close-up 2015-04-19

The sky was beautifully clear today, so I decided to try out the QHY5-II camera on the sun:


Camera=QHY5LII, Duration=67.152s, Frames captured=953, ROI=1280×960, FPS (avg.)=14, Shutter=2.240ms


Camera=QHY5LII, Frames captured=1294, ROI=1280×960, FPS (avg.)=14, Shutter=2.240ms


Camera=QHY5LII, Frames captured=802, ROI=1280×960, FPS (avg.)=14, Shutter=2.240ms


For the images I used 20% of the frames in Autostakkert, and sharpened them in Registax using Wavelets. The Telescope was the 127mm f/8 refractor.