The Moon and Sun two weeks before the 2017 solar eclipse

Two weeks before the moon will eclipse the sun, the moon was partially eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow

I had to turn around, when the road to my observing location was blocked, then I rushed to another spot, to find clouds on the horizon blocking the view for quite a while. But finally the still eclipsed moon emerged from the clouds and I was able to take some quick shots.

I used my 80mm refractor and a 300mm lens for the images.

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The 95% Moon

Even when the moon is almost full (95% in this case) there are interesting features to be found near the terminator:

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Clavius, Gassendi and more


23rd October 2015

127mm f/8 AP refractor, Televue 3x Barlow, QHY5L-II color CMOS camera, stacked in Autostakkert, processing in Photoshop.


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Lunar Terminator 2015-02-25

The moon is always a very regarding target. Even though the slow frame rate of the QHY5 (3FPS!) and the missing IR-Cut Filter do degrade the quality of the final image, some nice detail is visible in this mosaic of three individual avi files. 100 frames out of 400 were used for every frame.


The trio of Theophilus, Cyrillus und Catharina craters at upper left and the Ariadaeus Rille at lower right are prominent features visible in this image. On the floor of the Mare tranquillitatis at lower left some subtle mare ridges are vsible.