From Clavius to Schiller

This is a two-frame mosaic taken with a DMK21 camera and an Astro-Professional 80mm ED refractor:

The very obvious crater in the middle of the mosaic is Tycho, it is relatively young and therefore the ejecta rays can still be seen brightly across the lunar landscape. Please note the dark area directly around Tycho which is also caused by ejecta of the impact.
To the lower right is the beautiful crater Clavius which has a nice curve of smaller craters on the floor. To the lower left you can see the very elongated crater Schiller which was produced by an oblique impact.


Aristarchus is one of my favourite areas on the moon. You can see the very bright crater Aristarchus and the Schröter Valley below it.
On the right edge of the image, the Marius hills are visible at the border between light and shadow.

This evening I also did a comparison between the QHY5 and the DMK21 cameras.

2 thoughts on “From Clavius to Schiller

  1. Dear Philipp,
    Good day, I enjoyed watching the Clouds movie you have put on Youtube.
    I have got a Nikon Coolprix 4500, connected to a DigiSnap 2100 by a Nikon SC-EW3 cable, however, it does not work.
    Could you please let me know the contents and definitions of values that you used to program the controller?
    Many thanks in advance,
    Kindest regards,

    • Hello,

      thanks for the kind comment, but I have not used the Digisnap for more than 8 years, so I don’t remember the settings I have been using – sorry!


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