Heart Nebula

Heart Nebula, IC 1805, Sharpless 2-190,122x90s (3h 4m), ISO1600, Nikon D7000a, Astro-Professional 80mm f/7 with 0,8x reducer, Optolong L-Pro Filter

IC 1805 is a cloud of glowing hydrogen in the constellation Perseus. The gas is ionized by the hot young stars of the cluster Melotte 15 at the nebula’s center.

122 individual images were taken with the 80mm refractor using an 0,8x reducer, resulting in a focal length of 448mm and an f-stop of f/5.6. The camera is a modified Nikon D7000 which results in more prominent HII emissions.

I calibrated the 122 individual “light” frames with 20 dark frames and 20 flat field exposures in DeepSkyStacker. The resulting image was initially stretched in Fitswork. For Color Balance I used the “automatic B-V color calibration” in Regim. Additional stretching was done in Photoshop using the levels and curves tools. For reducing star sizes I used a photoshop action. Final adjustments and noise reduction were done in Lightroom.

Finally the image was combined with a separately processed “starless” version of the image, which was created using starnet++.